Call Letter Meanings

This hasn't been updated in years.  Just keeping it online for reference.


KFIZ “K107”

KRBR Rock BR=Bear (slogan)

KXTP “Radio X”

WACD = CD106 (slogan)

WAPL W APL=Appleton (Sound/Location)

WAQE Unofficial: Whacky, Where Announcers Quit Everyday,

WATK AnTigo (location)


WATW Ashland Tops Wisconsin, Ashland at Top of Wisconsin

WAUH Wautoma or Waushara (location)

WAUK WAUKesha (location)

WAUN W AUN = KewAUNee (location)

WAYY Note sister station WAXX

WAXX “Wax 104” (Slogan), “We’re playing the hottest tracks from our stacks of Wax!”, referring to what the material the music was recorded on.

WBCR W Beloit College Radio (School)

WBCV Big Cheese

WBDK Brown, Door, & Kewaunee Counties

WBDL Baraboo Devil’s Lake (location)???

WBEV W BEaVer Dam (Location)

WBFM “B93”

WBIZ “Z 100” (Slogan)


WBJZ W Berlin JaZz (City/format) W Blues JaZz

WBKV West Bend Kettle Valley

WBKY BKY=Bucky (slogan)

WBOG area Cranberry Bogs

WBSD W Burlington School District (School)

WBSZ “Z93” (Slogan)

WBWI West Bend Wisconsin (location)

WBZU BZ = Buzz (slogan)


WCCX Carroll College (school) X (Slogan)

WCFW W Chippewa Falls Wisconsin (Location)

WCJZ WC JZ=Jazz (format)

WCLB Clb=Club (slogan)

WCLO Camp Lake Oaks (original location)

WCLQ = 89Q

WCOW Cow (slogan)

WCQM 98 Q-Country


WCUB Cub Radio (owners)

WCWC We’re Central Wisconsin’s Choice (These calls may have had something to do with the original owner’s name.)

WCWL W Clear Water Lake (Location)

WCWR = Cashton Community Wellness Radio

WDDC = Former owner Ed Kramer’s three Kids initials

WDEZ Duke’s EZ (Was Easy Listening)

WDGY W Doctor George Young

WDKM Digital Kaleidoscope of Music


WDLB Dairy Land Broadcasting (owner)

WDMO Sister station in WGMO

WDMP W Dodgeville Mineral Point (location)

WDOR DOR=Door (location)

WDRK Wisconsin Does Rock

WDSM Duluth Superior (location)|


WDUX once owned by WDUZ

WDUZ Duz (Does) it all… Founded in the 40s and borrowed the detergent slogan ‘D)u)z) does it all’

WDVM W Devine Mercy Radio (Meaning)

WEAQ W EAu Q=Claire (location)

WECB W Earl C. Brooker (owner)

WECL W Eau CLaire (Location), Eau Claire Lite, Elk Mound

WEGZ EaGle (Slogan)

WEKZ EZ=Easy (slogan)

WEMI Evangel Ministries (owner)

WEMP EMPire building

WEMY Evangel Ministries

WERL W Eagle River L (Location)


WEVR RiVER Falls (location)

WEXT EXTreme (slogan)

WEZY EZY=Easy (slogan)

WFAW W Fort Atkinson Wisconsin (location)

WFBZ BZ=Buzz (slogan)

WFDL Fon Du Lac (location)

WFDL – Fon du lac and Dodge county’s news Leader

WFHR William F. Huffman Radio (owner), Friendly Hometown Radio

WFMR W First FM Radio (was the first FM Station in Milwaukee)

WFON FON du Lac (location)

WFZH FZH=Fish (slogan)

WGAZ W Goodman Armstrong Creek Z (Location)

WGBW Green Bay, Wisconsin

WGEE “Gee” long “G” for Green Bay


WGGQ – 99Q in lower case, the gg looked like 99 (this station moved to Oshkosh (Omro) and is now 99.5 WPKR.

WGLB W Great Lake Broadcasters (original Owner), Where Gospel Lovers Belong, Unofficial: Whoooyeah! Gotta Love Bluegrass

WGLR Grant County, Lancaster Radio

WGLX Galaxy


WGNV Wisconsin’s Good News Voice

WGTD W Gateway Technical District (School)


WHAA WHA Adams Friendship

WHAD WHA Delafield (location)


WHBM W Harold B. McCarty (Owner)


WHBZ BZ=Buzz (slogan)

WHDG HoDaG (a mythical creature that lives in Rhinelander)

WHDI WHA Door (location)


WHFA Holy Family Airways (slogan)

WHHI WHA Highland (location)



WHLK LK = Lake

WHND WHA North Door County (location)



WHRM WHA Rib Mountain (location)

WHRY W HuRleY (location)

WHSA WHA Hayward/Superior/Ashland

WHSM Hayward Spooner Minong (location)

WHTL Wisconsin’s Hometown Location (slogan)

WHWC WHA West Central (location)


WIAL “I94” (slogan), The Whale=WIAL (Old Slogan)

WIBA WIsconsin BAdgers Broadcasting (old owners)

WIBU Wind is Being Used (station these call letter originally belonged to was wind powered at once)


WIEC Eau Claire

WIFC Wisconsin Forward Communications

WIGM Irma and George Meyer

WIIL Wisconsin Illinois (location) WIIL=Will (slogan)

WISM WISM=WISconsin (sound), once used in Madison WISconsin Madison

WISN = Wisconsin, Wisconsin News (owner/location)

WISS Wisconsin’s Service Station


WIXL X = Slogan


WIZD WIZarD Communications (owner)

WIZM WIZM=Wizzem (slogan)

WJBL W Johnson Broadcasting of Ladysmith

WJJH W Jerry James Hackman (owner)




WJLW W-Jon A. De Luc-W (owner)

WJMC Official: Walter James McClarin, Unofficial: We’re Just More Country


WJMR JMR=Jammin’ (slogan)

WJMTJust Music and Talk

WJPG Johanna’s Press Gazette, now WNFL

WJOK JOK=Sports Jock, station was bought meaning was changed Were Jesus is Our King

WJRV WJ RiVer (Slogan)

WJQM JQM = Jamz (slogan)

WJTY JTY=Joy (slogan)

WJUB Jubilant Ministries (owner)

WJVL JVL=Janesville (location)

WJWD What Jesus Would Do

WJYI JYI=Joy (slogan)

WJZI JZI=Jazz (format)

WJZX = Jazz


WKBH Kimball Brings Happiness. When WKBH went on the air…it was owned by a music store that specialized in Kimball pianos. The “H” was replaced by the “T” to seperate the radio station from the tv station…as many stations did back then.

WKCH Classic Hits (format)


WKFX FX=Fox (Slogan)

WKKV V100 (slogan)

WKLH K Klassic Hits (fo



WKPO WK PO=Power (slogan)

WKQH KQ=Classic H=Hits (format)

WKSH WauKeSHa County

WKSZ KSZ=Kiss (Slogan)

WKTI-FM The station was to be called I-94, so call letters had to be chosen to reflect the “I.” As Jack Lee and Jonathan Green both recall, in a meeting of managers it was determined that the station would be W_ _ I … but they were having trouble filling in the middle two letters. Jack Lee, who at the time was the manager responsible for the FM, wanted the call letters WWWI. If you try saying that fast five times, you can understand why the DJs didn’t like it. Finally, one of the sales managers had a wife named Katie … as in, “KT”… as in “WKTI”… and that’s how the call letters were determined.

WKTT KTT=Cat (Slogan)

WKTY TY=Ticket (slogan)

WLBI = Tomahawk LBI = Light Broadcasting (Owner)

WLBL Land of Beautiful Lakes


WLDB: Lynott/Davis Broadcasting, Bee Slogan

WLDY LaDYsmith (location) World’s Largest Dump Yard (unofficial)

WLEF Lee E. Franks, the first Executive Director of the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

WLFK WLF=Wolf, Slogan

WLFM W Lawrence FM (School Name)



WLIP William LIPman (owner)

WLJY JY=Joy (slogan)

WLKD LaKe ???

WLKD – still “the LaKe” after the WLKE calls were moved to 690 Oshkosh in the min-1980’s.

WLKE – “LucKEy 1170”

WLKE – “the LaKE”

WLKG W LaKe Geneva (location)

WLKN “LaKe” Slogan

WLMX W Lake MiX (Slogan/Location)

WLPX LP=Record

WLRK= Rock-It



WLTQ LT=Light (format/slogan)


WLUM We Love U Milwaukee (meaning)


WLXR La X= Crosse River (location)

WLXS LaCrosse Schools (Owner)

WLYD WLYD=Wild (slogan)

WLZR-FM LZR=Laser (slogan)

WMAD MADison (location)

WMAM W Marionette And Menominee (location)

WMBE Maskza Brothers & Evans, Where The Music’s Best Everyday

WMCS W Milwaukee Community Station (location)

WMDC Mayville and Dodge County

WMFM Milwaukee Journal FM

WMGN MGN=Magic or Madison (slogan/location), We Make Great Noise, MG = Magic, N = Ninty-Eight

WMJB “Madison-Janesville-Beloit”


WMIN W MIN=Minnesota


WMMM “Triple M” (slogan) ??? Madison McFarland Middleton (just a guess)

WMLW “Mellow 94”

WMQA-FM W MinoQuA (location)

WMRH MRH=Marsh (location)

WMRH – “MaRsH area radio”

WMSE Milwaukee School of Engineering (school)

WMVM Wisconsin and Michigan’s Voice of the Master

WMYX MYX=Mix (slogan)

WMZK W Merrill Z RocK (format/location/slogan)

WMZK’s call letters were selected in 1987 in anticipation of the programming split with WJMT-AM. It was originally intended to be used as part of a slogan, “MZK-The Music FM”. In 1989, the station changed frequency to 104.1, and debuted a classic rock format. At that time the station thought that the “MZK” perception would be confused with Muzak, so it created the “Classic Rock Z104” identifier. (Steve Resnick)

WNAM W Neenah and Menasha (location)

WNBI Wisconsin’s Northland Broadcasting, Incorporated

WNCY Neenah Country Y100 (location/format/slogan) ??? New CountrY

WNFL W National Football League (note: home of the Green Bay Packers)

WNFM Nate’s FM (Nate Gotez, Old Owner)

WNGB News Green Bay

WNNO Nine Nine Oh 990 (original frequency)

WNOV Wisconsin Negro’s Own Voice (meaning)


WNWC W NorthWestern College (school)

WNXR X=Iron River (location)

WOBT Oneida Broadcasting (owner)

WOCO W OCOnto (location)

WOFM Wausau’s Oldies FM

WOGB W Oldies Green Bay (location/format), Oshkosh-Green Bay?


WOJB OJiBwe Tribal Nation

WOKY combine sister stations calls WMIL with WOKY and you get MILWOKY=Milwaukee

WOLX W Oldies X

WOMT Over Manitowoc Theater (original location)

WORT “wort”


WOSH OSHkosh (location)


WOWN Oldies Wheeler Broadcasting

WOVM = Our Virgin Mary

WOZZ “Oz” (Slogan) such as the Wizard of Oz


WPCK PCK = Packer (slogan)

WPDR Portage Daily Register



WPJP Pope John Paul


WPKR PKR=Packer (meaning)

WPLT Plt=Planet (slogan)

WPNE W Public Radio Northeast Wisconsin (location), Public News and Education

WPRE PRairE du Chein (location)

WPVL PlattViLle (location)

WQBW The BreW(Slogan)

WQFM Quiet for Milwaukee

WQLH W Quality Light Hits (format)

WQPC W Q Parire du Chein (location)

WQRB Radio Bloomer


WRCO Richland Center (location), Richland COunty

WRCW Wisconsin Rapids Central Wisconsin (Guess)

WRDB ReeDsBurg (location), Reedsburg Dells Baraboo

WRDN W Radio DuraNd (location)



WRFW River Falls Wisconsin (location)


WRGX “Radio X” (slogan)

WRHN RHieNlander

WRHS River Falls High School (school)

WRIG Rig (slogan)

From Ken Clark PD of WRIG:

WRIG comes from the WRIGht family, owners and operators of Wright’s Music Store in Wausau. The owner/CEO (Midwest Communcations) is Duke Wright, whose grandparents started the music store, and whose parents began the radio station in 1958. WRIG was the original station in the 34-station Midwest Communications group.

Before WRIG signed on in 1958, WSAU in Wausau had been operating at 1370AM. With the newer “expanded” AM band at that time (low end was extended to 540), WSAU was able to move to 550, thus allowing WRIG to begin life at 1400. The move to 1390 was completed in 1985.


WRIT-FM nostalgic calls brought back from the 60’s.

WRJC Radio Juneau County (location)


WRJN Racine Journal-News (owner)

WRJO WRJOldies, Roger and Mary JO (Owner & Wife)

WRKR Racine Kenosha Radio, RKR=Rocker

WRKU Roger and Karen Utnehmer

WRLO Roger L. Utnehmer (Owner) could not get the calls WRLU


WRLU Roger L. Utnehmer



WRPN RiPoN (location)


WRQT “The station was originally going to be referred to as THE ROCKET,… hence WRQT. It was discoved that another radio company (somewhere) had trademarked the name THE ROCKET and refuses let any other stations use it. Instead of fighting it,… we decided to sign on as THE ROCK.”

WRRD WRRD=Word (sound)

WRST Radio Station of the Titans (Official) Rob Snyder’s Toy (Founder, Unofficial Meaning)

WRVM Wisconsin River Valley Ministries (owner)/Wisconsin’s Radio Voice of the Master


WSAU WauSAU (location)

WSCO SCO=Score (format)


WSHS Sheboygan High School (school)

WSSU Superior State University, now KUWS

WSJY WS JoY (slogan)


WSLK LK = Lake

WSPL S.P.Lee (relative of original owner)

WSPT W Steven’s PoinT (location)

WSRG Sturgeon Bay Radio Group (original Owner) guess???

WSSU = Superior State University

WSTM Serving the Master

WSUM University of Wisconsin Madison (school)

WSUP University of Wisconsin Platteville (school)

WSUW University of Wisconsin Whitewater

WSWW We Serve Western Wisconsin

WTAQ Where Tires Are Quality (calls were once used in Eau Claire)

WTCH We’re The Community Helper

WTCX CX Classic (format)

WTDA TDA=Today (slogan)

WTDY TDY=Today (slogan)

WTKM We’re The Kettle Moraine Broadcasting Company (location/owner)

WTLX TLX=Talk (format)

WTMB ToMah Broadcasting (location)


WTRV The River

WTRW Two Rivers Wisconsin (location)

WTSO W Ten Seven O zero (frequency)


WTTN WaTTertowN (location)

WTUX TUX (slogan) “The Tux”

WUEC W University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (School)

WUWM W University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (school)

WVBO Valley’s Best Oldies (slogan/format)

WVCF Wisconsin Voice of the Christian Family

WVCX Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth

WVCY Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth

WVFL Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth

WVRN Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth

WVRQ W ViRoQua (location)

WVSS We’re Volunteers Serving Stout

WWIB Western Wisconsin Inspirational Broadcasters

WWIS Western Wisconsin Information Station (guess)



WWHG Hog (slogan)

WWLC Western Wisconsin Lake County


WWRW Wonderful Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin

WWQM Q106 Madison (slogan/location)

WWSP WW Steven’s Point (location)

WWWX X = foX slogan

WXCE Wixie (Slogan)|




WXPR White Pine Radio or Rhinelander

WXPW White Pine Wausau

WXSS XSS=Kiss (slogan)

WXWX foX slogan

WXYM XYM=MYX=Mix (slogan)


WXXM XXM=MXX Mix (slogan)

WYCO “Y108” (Slogan)

WYLO = We’re WaY LOw

WYMS We’re Your Milwaukee Schools (owner/school)

WYTE Whiting (location) “White” (Slogan)


WZEE ZEE=Z104 (slogan)

WZMF Z Menominee Falls


WZOR WZOR=Razor (sound/slogan)



WACY ACe Television (Owner)

WAOW was sister station to WKOW

WAST AShland Television


WBIJ Wisconsin Believes In Jesus

WBUW Warner Brothers U Wisconsin

WCGV Wisconsin’s Channel for Great Viewing

WDJT David J. Torres (Weigel Executive)/WDJT stands for Debra Jackson and John Torres

WDLS calls were once used on sister AM station meaning DeLlS as in Wisconsin Dells

WEAU Eau Claire

WEUX Eau Claire

WFRV Fox River Valley

WFXS FX=FoX (network)

WGBA Green Bay Appleton, once used calls WLRE Lyle R. Evans (founder)


WHLA WHA La Crosse

WHRM WHA Rib Mountain

WHWC WHA West Central Wisconsin

WISC Wisconsin

WISN Wisconsin News

WITI Wisconsin Independent Television Inc, the original owners of WITI

WIWB Wisconsin’s WB Network

WJFW Jasper F. Williams (original owner)

WJJA WJJA stood for the owner (Joel J. Kinlow) and his wife (Arvis) … W – Joel J – Arvis

WKBT Kimball Brings Happiness, The “H” was replaced by the “T” to seperate the radio station from the tv station…as many stations did back then.


WLAX La X Crosse


WLUK “Lucky 11”

WMLW MiLWaukee

WMMF Fond du Lac

WMJT Milwaukee Journal Television

WMSN Madison

WMTV Madison Television

WMVS Milwaukee Vocational School (MATC)

WMVT Milwaukee Vocational School

WPNE Public News and Education

WPXE PaX (network)

WQOW sister station to WKOW

WSAW Wausau

WTAS Waukesha Tower Association (Owner)

WTPX PaX (network)

WUHF (Channel 18 ) in Milwaukee…Had a weiner dog for a mascot (Woof…Wuhf)

WVCY Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth


WWAZ Wisconsin AZteca (America) (Network)

WWRS “Willie Roskopf Station” after the farmer who originally owned the land that the tower was built on.

WYOW sister station of WKOW

WXOW sister station of WKOW

WTMJ The Milwaukee Journal